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My contribution is a series of printed imagery (intaglio and relief) and works on paper, compiled within a concertina book format. I chose this art format in order to map the trajectory of the movements of Plains-Wanderer birds as a form of tracery line. From my initial research I have noted the seemingly haphazard nature of its ‘tracks’ across the landscape. Indeed, it does ‘wander’. I particularly wanted to incorporate the tracery lines which indicated the necessary wandering range needed to exist.


I have explored the notion of the birds’ wandering patterns across its unique grass lands on country that is now marginalised. I have made link to colonisation within this narrative as well, in regard to the movement of farm machinery and people ‘working’ the land. Moreover, I seek to map the nature of the movement of the species as it physically wanders across the plains - as well as the ‘movement’ of its status to ‘critically endangered’. I have interwoven imagery of the movement of endemic grasses on the landscape, and the nature of changing weather.

Plains-Wanderer Surviving Paddock by Josephine Duffey

SKU: 000008
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