Art After Dark - Term 2 2017




Wednesdays at the Multi-Arts Hall, Deniliquin from 7.00pm to 9.00pm

The fee is $10 per night, and new members $25.00 which takes you through to June 2018, covering insurance etc.

Nine week term begins Wednesday 3 May 2017.


This term we will be further development of the harmonious colour wheels that we began in Term 1.

  • The Old Masters Palette - subtle earth colours

  • Bright Earth Palette - which is a step up in intensity from the Old Masters

  • Delicate High Key Palette - translucent misty colours

  • A Bold Palette - dynamic colours

  • Modern High Intensity palette - more upbeat colours for modern times

  • Modern Low Intesity Palette - incorporating some of the newer developed colours

  • Traditional Palette - red, blue and yellow that is most often referred to

  • Opaque Palette - colours which have very little transparency.

For each of these palettes, we will do thumbnail paintings, however, each time it will be the same simple subject matter, like the daisy below, simple drawing, then simple colour using colours from in this case, The Bold Palette. Over time it will amaze you how each palette creates a different feel and look to the subject.


The other learning that I planned is portraiture. In black and white learning about the structure of the human face and the components that make up the whole. For this we will do male and female. Both these faces that we will look at have perfect features which is why I have chosen them as they will be easier to learn from.

  • Measurements - height and breadth

  • Eyeline and eyes

  • Nose line and noses

  • Mouth line and mouths

  • Ear placement and ears

  • Putting it all together

First week will be a discussion on pace, because I think I may be too optimistic to cover a Palette a week, maybe two weeks per palette would be better. And also fitting in the portraiture. This may be two terms worth of learning

More info: Jan Harris 0416 118761 or




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