Playwriting Australia is producing a podcast series; playwrights: this is how we do it.

This series will comprise of five one- hour long audio episodes, each focusing on a single Australian playwright who has had a significant impact on the Australian theatrical landscape. The episodes will delve into the respective playwright’s distinctive method, body of work and inspirations, to demonstrate the breadth and quality of our national corpus, along with the deep care, skill and effort that a career in playwriting requires.

We are calling for emerging playwrights to curate this program with us, to ensure that the discussion is moulded by a member of the Australian writing community, and the podcast's intended audience.

We are looking for pitches; which Australian great do you want to interview for this program, and why?

If your pitch is selected you will be paid to research, prepare for and conduct the interview for the podcast. You will have support and assistance throughout this process. The interviews will take place in August and early September of 2019.

Applications close 9am on 1st of July 2019. Follow this link to apply:

This project has been made possible by support from Rodney Seaborn Playwriting Support Fund