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Country Arts Support Program

CASP is an annual small grants program and is guided by the ACFP’s three major objectives:
•  Grow creative leadership and programming excellence in NSW • Strengthen NSW arts and cultural activity that drives community and social benefits
• Showcase NSW as a leader for strategic arts and cultural governance and strong financial management.

Grants that are available with this funding are:

•  Grant A: Individual Artists up to $500.

• Grant B: Community groups, arts organisations, museums and galleries (including private run facilities) up to $1,000.

• Grant C: Community Activities - Local Government Area's and businesses are eligible for this category in addition arts and cultural organisations, museums, galleries and individual artists. Up to $2,000

Application open 11 July 2023

Applications close 4 August 2023 at 5pm

If you would like more information, please contact Brooke at

Or you can access the application form at -

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