The beginning of 'the End FM'

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Alastair, our new Project Manager


Hello friends. Let me introduce myself. I'm Alastair, the newest addition to the South West Arts team.

My job is to help get our new youth radio station, The End FM broadcasting on the airwaves, and to give young people in the community a voice, opportunities, and the chance to create the radio/media they care about. I'm excited to be here in Deni and to be given the chance to help start a community radio station basically from scratch.

I'm also still learning about the area and the needs of the community. Rest assured, The End FM is going to shake up the radio landscape and be different from the current crop of stations being broadcast. Importantly, I want to know everyone's hopes and dreams from The End FM. If you're young or young at heart, my door is open for you to come and have a chat about your ideas. We're still moulding the clay so to speak and deciding who we want to be, so now is a great time to dream big and get involved. Hope to see you soon.

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