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'Bringing Back the Plains Wanderer from the Brink' Exhibition School Resources

Riverina Glassland Rambling.JPG

Riverina Grassland Rambling 

This is a beautifully presented "colouring adventure and treasure hunt" which is suitable for both children and adults. 

Bringing back the plains wanderer school

Bringing the Plains Wanderer to Life

This resource if focussed on the works in the exhibition. It asks questions about the works, media used, and the artist's intent, as well as this singular bird and its little know habits.

Murray Local Land  Services croped versi

Murray Local Land Council Program

Bringing the Plains Wanderer Back from the Brink discussed the issues the bird faces and the program and financial incentives that are available to landholders within the birds' localities. 

Office of heritage.JPG

Plains Wanderer Profile

This website has more general overview of the Plains Wanderer including Habitat and Ecology. 

Plains Wanderer and other grassland bird

Plains Wanderer and other grassland birds

This is a guide for identifying Plains Wanderer and other co-occurring grassland birds, and assisting in their conservation

Plains Wanderer Habitiat.JPG

Plains Wanderer Habitat Management Guide

This guide looks at all aspects of the bird including the native grassland habitat, nest sites, grassland structure and threats. 


Critically Endangered Chicks Born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo!

Plains Wanderer Chicks


The Plains Wanderer (quirky bird)


Plains Wanderer chicks are the cutest!


Plains Wanderer Chicks First Health Check at Taronga Western Plains Zoo

David Malin - Winning Sky Photos Exhibition
School Resources

Australian Indigenous Astromony.JPG

Australian Indigenous Astronomy

This website explores the many aspects of Indigenous Astronomy in Australia including learning how Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities perceive various types astronomical phenomena and how elders read the stars. 

Uni of Melbourne.JPG

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander School Curricula

This website has content from Year 5 to Year 8 including Indigenous astronomy, song stories, seasonal calendars and the Solar System.


Stargazing tours share traditional Indigenous stories in Queensland's Gulf

This article talks about how Aboriginal Australians use storytelling and stories to find there way in the dark of night including Gidigil the Moon Man and Connection to Land. 



This teaching guide relates to how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people use the sky to use to track time, life and our place in the universe. 


The Sky Tonight

This website offers monthly updates of the amazing things you can find when looking at the night sky, including Planets to look for, constellation of the month and object for the small telescope. 

David Margo.JPG

David Margo 

David has some amazing astrophotography artworks on his Facebook and Instagram Accounts. Visit his pages or keep a look out for his Masterclass Tours. 


A stargazer's guide to 2021 

This guide gives dates and what to see in the night sky including the Supermoon, Eta Aquarids meteor shower and total lunar eclipse. 

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