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Narelle Whitham is a local artist who has been producing art in various mediums since her childhood. She produces glass art, knitting, crocheting, painting, beadwork and a plethora of other types of work in her home studio in Moulamein, NSW. Narelle uses her art as an expression of her personality, encouraging others to also express themselves through creation regardless of their level of expertise. From humble beginnings learning from ladies at Moulamein Art Gallery, Narelle allowed her talents to flourish and has since established a small successful business called 'Less 2 More Creations' - following her philosophy of creating "something from nothing" - one man's trash, as they say.... Narelle is working closely with Intereach Community Centre in Deniliquin to provide artistic workshops for people with disabilities, with an aim to bring inexpensive and easy ways for those interested in pursuing art to have a go.

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