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We were excited to feature the work of local timber artist Rod Mullen. Rod lives on a small sheep property near Moulamein, on the beautiful Edward River.

A professional carpenter, his passion is creating handmade pieces that bring out the natural beauty of timber. When he moved to the region just over 3 years ago, he fell in love with the local red gum.

'When you put oil on it, it looks amazing' said Rod, 'it bring out all the character and colours and all the little lines and marks'.

Rod makes a range of bush and rustic furniture - from small platters and serving boards to mirrors and coffee tables. Rod has a talented eye for seeing the potential in a piece of timber and works mainly with salvaged and reclaimed red gum to craft his pieces.

We are currently displaying a number Rod's pieces at the South West Arts office at 122 End Street, Deniliquin. All works are for sale.

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